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Using autoprefixer Sass or Coffeescript with Gulp, Vnext and Visual Studio 2015

Last month I wrote about using autoprefixer with Visual Studio but as Visual Studio 2015 came out we found out that the extension that we used to execute autoprefixer (Web Essentials) was a bit different for Visual Studio 2015. So I decided to seize the moment to explore the new paths that ASP.Net5 wants to introduce, as we can see in the sample project, with tools widely used in the front end development community like gulp or bower.

Using autoprefixer in Visual Studio

Autoprefixer helps completing your CSS stylesheets adding vendor specific prefixes to rules making your styles more compatible with more browsers, usually old versions.

Recommended PC builds Summer 2015

Looking for a DDR3 1333Mhz Ripjaws 4GB module from Jun 2014

[Update 2015-09-20]
Finally managed to get an old Ripjaws module and as expected my computer managed it seamlessly, now finally with 8gb of RAM. Thanks to all who helped out!

Internet Explorer version testing with VMs and Vagrant

To simplify testing with different versions of Internet Explorer and due to Explorer’s tight coupling with the operating system version, we need to test this different versions on virtual machines that contain the desired version of Explorer. Thanks to achieving this is a simple task as they provide already configured virtual machines with the different versions of Explorer.

Chrome hangs internet connection with Atheros LAN chips

From time to tine I found that Chrome hangs my internet connection on typical tasks like uploading an image, I had resolved this problem a few years ago and suddenly I found the same problem after installing Windows 8.

Powershell recursive empty folder deletion script

I’ve been using powershell to automatize some tedious tasks done through visual interface, this is a powerful tool and I recommend everybody with some programmatic skills look into to it. The last task has been removing empty directories in hierarchy, so the deepest directory being empty will be deleted, the parent, when all children directories are deleted for being empty will be deleted if it’s empty, that’s the main idea.